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Who we are

MYEV.com is the first marketplace made specifically for Electric Vehicles.

We wanted to create a free marketplace that simplifies the buying and selling process between two parties while bringing the convenience of a traditional dealer right to your fingertips.

We know it’s not easy to find your dream EV with the current research and shopping tools out there. We’ve been there. Search tools on the most popular marketplaces were built around the traditional combustion engine.

What about selling your EV privately? Well, we’ve been there too. We know it’s even harder to sell your EV because of those dated tools, never mind the expensive listing fees, commissions, canceled appointments, unfair offers, and any other headaches you may have to deal with.

Sure, you can trade your car into a dealership, but then you’re not getting fair market value. We’ve been there too! We created MYEV.com because we’ve taken this journey one too many times. It’s a traffic jam of long negotiations, insulting offers, and endless paperwork.

Come ride the HOV lane with us!
Okay, maybe we’re not the best at metaphors, but we’re pretty good at giving you all the tools and content you need to make informed decisions whether you’re a buyer or seller.

Our advantages

The most detailed listings

Our search tools were built with Electric Vehicles in mind. You won't find these details anywhere else.

No more e-mails or clunky messaging tools

Message each other like you're texting your best friend.

You're in control. Keep your information private until you decide to reveal yourself.

Everything you need to complete the transaction

As a seller, know what your car is worth. As a buyer, know you're getting a fair price. We also offer tools to help facilitate the transaction. Consider us your one-stop-shop!

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